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Lash extensions

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Lash extensions




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Jane  and Megan use JB Lash Extensions which is an exciting, new service for creating longer, thicker, curlier, more abundant eyelashes!

These synthetic lashes are professionally applied directly onto your own natural eyelashes, one lash at a time.  Eyelash extensions last for up to 2 months through JB Lashes’ safe and specially formulated bonding agent.

They are resistant to water, water based cleansers, heat, pool chlorine, perspiration and contact lenses.  Various lengths, curls, thicknesses, and colors are available for a customized look to tailor to your specific need and style.

 ~Please remove eye makeup prior to all lash appointments~

 Eye lashes

Complimentary Lash Consultation & Test Lash
This evaluation of your desired lash fullness and length is no charge. We apply a test lash prior to full lash service to determine any allergy issues. Test lash is left in place for 24 hours.

Full Set ~ 150 
Lash extensions are applied to all existing lashes. A full set of lashes starts at $125 and can increase in price depending on lash quantity, which is evaluated during the complimentary consultation.


Lash Fill
Lash fills are important in the longevity of your ‘look’.  The lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes, and because natural lashes shed and new lash growth appears, it is essential to maintain the fullness as consistently as possible. The following is a guideline to lash fill pricing.

Half Fill ~ weekly maintenance ~ 25-35


Fill Within 2 weeks ~ 45-55

Extended Fill within 3 weeks ~75-85
Fills after 4 weeks will be charged as a new set.